About us

Proell Attorneys at Law is a full practice law firm with subsidiaries in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. It is our ambition of our attorneys to provide personal and partner-level attention to all clients and matters, corporate as private, and we exercise utmost diligence for the individual case.

It’s our approach to anticipate what will face next. Our lawyers identify crucial points, implement and change it. We are proud of having a history of being on the forefront of disputed processes and it is our strength to successfully implement viewpoints and perspectives, towards Courts, Panels, Authorities and finally towards our client’s opponents. All this and more, forms part of our professional approach and commitment to promote our client’s interests.

We are determined to do an outstanding job, for the client and for us. Our clients concerns are our concerns, our clients success is our success. We observe personal, ethical and professional standards in everything we do and operate with integrity. We preserve our client’s interests by doing that what is necessary to do.

Lawyers at Proell Attorneys at Law are independent lawyers working for on their own responsibility towards their clients. Building on the foundation of more than a decade of legal service, we maintain and develop the broad experience and diverse skills necessary to fulfill our clients’ goals. For a member of our law firm or to schedule a consultation, please call us or send us an email.