Dutch Private Foundations and Asset Protection

The Dutch private foundation is a robust and flexible tool for structuring private wealth, whilst the family or business operators may retain control over the autonomous board by various indirect means. If the assets originate from non-residents exclusively, the use of a Dutch foundation may be very tax efficient. Despite the existence of high gift and income tax rates, the use of a Dutch non-charitable, private foundation provides a flexible dynastic structure for combining charitable and private purposes in an unregulated and effectively tax free environment.

Our lawyers focus on individuals with substantial financial means who are looking for private wealth plans in the Netherlands. To effectuate asset protection or estate plans, our lawyers assist with all necessary legal framework by setting up trust vehicles and foundations tailored to the individual and international tax planning.

The department also counsels individuals on sophisticated giving techniques and philanthropic interests in its function as nominee shareholder or director of Dutch private foundations and other international holding vehicles.